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Sunday, November 29, 2015

The joining of two lives is a sacred act. I believe that your wedding ceremony should reflect this. For this reason, I prefer to provide you with a truly custom ceremony service that will reflect and capture the essence of who you are as a couple. I will work with you to help you create the perfect ceremony for you.

Reverend Joplin Can Provide The Following Services:

  • A Full Worship And Communion Service
  • Personally written vows for ceremony
  • Keepsake copy of your vows
  • Full rehearsal on day prior to ceremony
  • Two readings during ceremony
  • Unlimited emails or phone consultations
  • If you just want to keep things simple and just exchange vows, a Standard or Civil ceremony is the choice for you.
Other Ceremony Choices Include: Non- Religious * Civil * Spiritual * Intercultural * Interfaith * Non-Denominational * Vow Renewals * Contemporary * Simple * Themed * Commitment Ceremonies * I Do * Your Way * Dual Officiants * Elopements * Inmate Weddings

We can also include: Irish Blessing * Apache Wedding Prayer * Exchange of Roses * The Unity Candle * Parent's Rose Ceremony * Inclusion of Children * Sand Ceremony * Wedding Prayers * Jumping The Broom

I want you to feel confident that together, we will make your wedding day perfect within the budget you planned. To reserve your choice of date and time, a deposit is required. The balance is due on or before the day of the ceremony.

Reverend Joplin's presence is warm, peaceful, gracious, and genuine. He creates an atmosphere for you that is one of beauty, ease, and intimacy with friends and family. He is masterful at weaving together love, wisdom, spirituality, and your personal story. At the same time he is focused on you, he is conscious of what is also going on around you, and easily incorporates spontaneous occurrences, so they fit right into your ceremony.

Reverend Joplin's weddings are alive, real, unique and personal. On the day of your wedding, he will work with your other wedding professionals to ensure that every thing flows as seamlessly as possible.

Personalizing Your Ceremony

Once you have chosen Reverend Joplin to be your officiant he will schedule an interview with you. There must be a fit between all three of you. After your initial interview, if you choose to work with him, you will be involved in a couple of additional meetings, some details of which can be handled via e-mail, phone and fax.

In those meetings Reverend Joplin will come to know you well, all the while building the bonds of trust and confidence that make your minister-couple relationship strong. He asks questions that pertain to every area of your life, strengthening your awareness of your relationship and helping to create personal vows.

Reverend Joplin provides an array of information, formats, sample vows, ring vows, ideas, readings, poetry, etc. which support what you envision for your special day.
He encourages you to write your own vows, assists you in that process when necessary, asks you to bring into your ceremony any readings, symbols, etc. that are unique to you--especially never-seen-before ideas.

From beginning to end, Reverend Joplin creates and designs with you, your own personal, custom ceremony, whether it is 20 minutes long, or 45 minutes long. Reverend Joplin takes all the time necessary to accomplish your mutual goals, so you will never feel hurried in your consultations with him.

Pre-Marital Counseling

For those who are interested, Reverend Joplin offers the option of pre-marital counseling. Many couples choose counseling to prepare themselves for the long distance, the multiple challenges, and countless experiences they will have on the road of life together.     Pre-Marital Counseling

Reverend Alan L. Joplin, BA., M.A., M.A., MAT, MSc., MRel., MDiv.

Book Early For The 2016 Wedding Season With Rev. Joplin

Book Early For The 2016 Wedding Season With Rev. Joplin

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